Wednesday, August 31, 2016

J-8II, PLAAF #81192

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Far Out, Far East!

The Chinese made Shenyang J-8II, high speed, high altitude interceptor fighter aircraft.

The kit presents a J-8II in PLAAF service, #81992 involved in a mid-air collision with a USN EP-3E in the skies over the South China Sea in 2001, event better known as the Hainan Island Incident.

Trumpeter's 1:48 version of the J-8II.



Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hawker Hunter Iraqi Air Force #399

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The subject is a an Iraqi Hawker Hunter, dating back to circa 1956.
It is an early version F.6 Mostly recognized by an exhaust, having no after burner lip.

More on the IrAF Hunters soon to come...

This an old Academy kit with many error that needed to be corrected, some from scratch, some by using aftermarket. Please check more on britmodeller build

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

F-5F Tiger, Armée de l'air tunisienne

Welcome back. It is the first month of the year, it's best to start off early.
This project is a part of group build on one of my favorite modelling forums, the britmodeller. More about the build can be found there with the great help of all the participants.

It presents a Tunisian Air Force F-5F from Escadrille de Chasse #15 placed at Bizerte-Sidi Ahmed AFB with a serial 82-0643/Y-92508/ID. 

photo source via internet

Tunisians received Tigers in three batches. Four F version tandems and six single seat E versions were delivered in '84, followed by another four Es in '85 and finally in '89 the last, third batch of Es arrived. Unlike the original fleet the last four arrived without those big UHF antennas and tail fin fillets. 

Mostly not known outside of Tunisia, that they have flown many CAP missions and ground strikes against extremists active along the Libyan border.

Most of them received some upgrades during their lifetime, like RWRs on the tail and the nose. 

It is said that Tunisians are currently upgrading its fleet of Tigers with new avionics and some maintenance repairs.

Check out the latest news in an article by Tom Cooper. Great read.
Tunisia Waged a Successful Air War Against Militants — And No One Noticed

This an AFV kit with Hasegawa weapon set and Carapena decals. Most of it is build out of box, with many self-made corrections like extending the tail fin, adding antennas and RWR units. Decals were wrong and awful since the roundel on the wing should be double in size plus they disintegrated by the touch of water...

Anyway, it is done... Have a look

Sunday, November 15, 2015

F-117A Vega-31

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This model represents one of the most interesting jet bombers of all time, the stealthy F-117.
It depicts an example shot down during the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia (then SR Yugoslavia). It's code name was Vega-31. Everything is known more or less about the incident, I won't get into it, you can read more about it on

photo source via internet

It is a 1:48 Tamiya kit + CMK bomb bay and a resin seat by Quikboost. Although the kit is basically constructed of two fuselage halves, the construction wasn't that easy, as the resin bomb bay was tricky to handle. I didn't want a dirty look for it so it is made quite clean. I really don't know much about the AC type and it's armament, so the authenticity is questionable. Well hope you like it anyway...